Location mixing and recording

Professional field sound and mixing service

You can’t always fix it in post!  Getting good clean audio at your shoot is crucial to the success of your project.  Too often we see projects that suffer from poor recording on the set, whether from environmental noise, poor mic placement or poor planning.  Of course, many problems can be addressed in the mixing stage, but that also takes away from your budget.  And there is always the possibility that it can’t be fixed in post.  Re-shoots are not always possible and even if they are, they can be prohibitively expensive.  I will help you get the audio you need every time.

Music for Your Masterpiece

film scoring, arranging, recording

From a piano solo to a full orchestra, I can provide you with the music to fit your media project.

  • Orchestral, Live Rhythm Section, Electronic, Hybrid, Vocal, Instrumental – I can accommodate any style, genre or instrumentation for your project.
  • On-Time Delivery – Time is money!  I will always try to ensure your music is ready by the agreed deadlines.
  • Team Building – Not all of today’s projects rely on a single composer.  I have the resources to provide you with specialized artists, composers and musicians to complete your project in a way that matches your vision.